Volunteer Vacancies

Urban Québec is a lifestyle magazine that delivers passionate, creative and entertaining information to the English speaking population of Quebec province.   The UQ flagship includes a free online magazine, a content filled website, and several social media platforms.

Through monthly provincial features, community in-depth articles, and an extensive array of resourceful tools, Urban Québec gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their community and the entire Québec province.

As the magazine and website readership continues to grow, we’ll need fresh, talented, reliable, and committed individuals to keep it running and evolving.  This is your opportunity to join a growing team that works together to build something truly special (in addition to building your resume and/or commercial portfolio), so do apply if you think you can contribute something special.

Presently, Urban Québec is structured as an electronic media non-profit unincorporated organization in the province of Quebec Canada.  All positions operate on a volunteer basis.   Some vacancies are worldwide virtual positions, while others must be filled on a local basis.  To view open vacancies and find out which position is right for you, visit our listing on VolunteerMatch.org.

About us

Urban Québec (UQ) provides the Anglophone (English-speaking) community of Quebec province with information, resources, and tools that will directly impact and enhance their daily lives. The UQ brand includes a lifestyle magazine, website and social media platforms.



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