UQ Contributors

Urban Québec has a team of professional members and volunteers working together to research and bring our audience information that falls into not only the category of news, but also the four major categories;

  • Fit (Health/Fitness)
  • Fab (Fashion/Style)
  • Fam (Family/Home)
  • Fun (Culture/Lifestyle)

We work closely with various government and non-government organizations, non-profit groups, and agencies to deliver relevant and important information to our readers. We promote bilingualism throughout the province allowing an ease of living for all Anglophones both young and old.

Over the coming months, our team is working diligently to research information, create resources and tools, and explore how best to support the Anglophone community. By supporting our mission, you're in turn joining in this effort to give this community a voice.

About us

Urban Québec (UQ) provides the Anglophone (English-speaking) community of Quebec province with information, resources, and tools that will directly impact and enhance their daily lives. The UQ brand includes a lifestyle magazine, website and social media platforms.



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