Guest Contributor Guidelines

We're always in need of guest contributors:  Urban Québec is a lifestyle magazine that delivers passionate, creative and entertaining information to the English speaking population of Quebec province. The UQ flagship includes a free online magazine, a content filled website, and several social media platforms.

As a community magazine Urban Québec supports aspiring journalists and media oriented individuals by offering them the opportunity to exercise, contribute, and develop their skills to help launch successful careers. Through monthly provincial features, community in-depth articles, and an extensive array of resourceful tools, Urban Québec gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their community and the entire Québec province. Read More

About us

Urban Québec (UQ) provides the Anglophone (English-speaking) community of Quebec province with information, resources, and tools that will directly impact and enhance their daily lives. The UQ brand includes a lifestyle magazine, website and social media platforms.



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